This Wind - EP

by Alexandra

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released June 11, 2016

all tracks written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by ali burress


all rights reserved



Alexandra Portland, Oregon

collecting moments with song

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Track Name: Pieces
I said to him
I wanted
for some peace of mind.
It never came.

Say to me
“I want to hold your hand.”
Whisper all you’ve wanted
I will understand
I will understand
I will understand

Don’t say you’re looking…

Goodbye to this.
Track Name: In the Sea
He took me to the water
and threw me under.
Then came a bellow,
he was swept in the undertow.

So I ran,
feet grappling sand to escape.
And he just couldn’t understand
why I wanted to leave.

Now, I’m on my own time
spinning, no thoughts in mind.
I find it’s the little things
that always make me cry.

So I ran
with my head in my hands to hide
from his compulsive sadness
that tears me down.

So I ran,
I ran from my man.
And he just couldn’t understand
why I wanted to leave him
in the sea.
Now I’m free.
Track Name: Still
I don’t wanna talk
though I know I should.
The drink that I had
didn’t taste so good.

Now it’s time,
the curtain unfurled before my own eyes.
More of a surprise,
if I could ask him I know he’d lie.


Now that he’s moved on,
I have a reason to write a song.
Jealousy feels wrong
since I was the one that ended it all.

And I should mind
‘cause I love him still
when I’m trying to love
myself instead.


I don’t wanna talk,
I’m sick of singing his song.
Sighing to the sun,
now I’ll sing my own one.
Track Name: The Sky
You call me strange
you call me a stranger
but we know each other well.

And I know your name
it drives me crazy
that the sky is only what I know you for.

I’ve been waiting for this time.
Hold on to this my love.

I wear your coat
just so I know
that you were once a part of me.

I hold my throat
I am the coast
wondering when my waves will

meet your sky.
I see
this is goodbye.
Track Name: Unravel
The skin I’m in,
like a sheet, wears too thin
and the threads begin to unravel.

Shadowy figures
sweep under the covers.
Lovers of minds in line, rejoice.

Carnivore ways
leave the blood traced
upon hands. Replace what you’ve done.

Call it this wind
that breathes from within.
I’ll never stop listening intuitive bliss.

Surrounded by stone,
these powers have overthrown.
Vibrations calling me home to the earth.

And fickle is fine,
I’m known to be it all the time.
So when you feel that it’s right, come home.

With arms open,
I’ll teach you to begin.
All that is pure is this wind leading me home.

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